Brush Roller For Sueding / Peaching Machine

Brush Roller For Sueding / Peaching Machine
Product Description

It is designed for installation in Cloth Finishing Machine aka Sueding Machine.

Advantages of this brush roller are as follows:
  • This brush roller is ultra solf and when used in the machine gives miraculous results.
  • This brush roller can reach almost all angles, thus, creating superior contact area amid the fabric and abrasive brush roller.
  • The abrasive brushes are based on novel sueding technology make very fine dust compared to larger particles made by sandpaper.
  • This brush process is economical and enhances the definite surface qualities.
  • This brush roller can be developed according to the Customer Drawings and Specification provided by OEMs.


  • High Tech European Machine is used for preparing this brush roller.
  • Brush roller is a great way to improve cloth's surface finish and smoothness.
  • It can be used to improvise the cloth's surface qualities.

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